Havering and the Coronavirus pandemic - the story so far: March 2020- October 2021

This review examines the course of the Covid pandemic in Havering, bringing together various facts and figures into a single document that will hopefully help understanding of how the pandemic evolved in Havering.
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This is not a definitive history of the path of the Covid pandemic in Havering, but it brings together facts and figures showing how the pandemic evolved in Havering from a variety of official sources. The original review covers March 2020 to mid-July 2021, and the update takes the statistics forward to the end of October 2021.

Healthwatch Havering has an interest not only in care homes but also in NHS facilities and services, at both general practice/community level and hospital level. In addition, many of our members – some of whom lost friends or relatives to the infection - had a great personal interest in tracking the development of the pandemic, across England but particularly in Havering. As an organisation, therefore, Healthwatch Havering has taken a close watch of the course of the pandemic.

It will doubtless be many years before definitive conclusions will be possible about the course of the pandemic. Could things have been differently handled? Should lockdown have been imposed more quickly? Should better arrangements have been made to secure personal protective equipment? Was the Test & Trace system fit for purpose?

It is not the purpose of this review to provide answers to those and the many other questions that could be posed – if, indeed, they can be answered at all.

Rather, the objective has been to present some relevant statistics in an easily understandable format to provide some indication of the course of the pandemic in Havering and its wider context in England as a whole.

We have also produced updated statistics adding in the period from mid-July to the end of October, to be read with the original review.


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