Our reports on General Practitioners' practices and surgeries

Look here for our reports about the GPs' surgeries and practices we have visited and reported on...
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Visits to GPs' surgeries and practices

We regularly visit GPs' surgeries and practices (including health and medical centres) to see what they are doing for their patients. We speak to the GPs themselves, practice managers, practice staff, patients and carers, relatives and friends of patients. Our reports explain what our visiting teams are told and what they see for themselves.


Download our reports from here. Reports are listed alphabetically by practice name and, where we have visited more than once, by date order (earliest first).

Berwick Surgery - November 2016 (1st visit)
Berwick Surgery - October 2017 (2nd visit)
BIllet Lane Surgery - August 2018
Dr Kulendran, Chase Cross Medical Centre - January 2018
Greenwood Practice - November 2016 (1st visit)
Greenwood Practice - January 2019 (2nd visit)
Dr Subramamian, 1 Harlow Road - July 2017 (1st visit)
Dr Subramamian, 1 Harlow Road - November 2018 (2nd visit)
High Street Surgery - November 2016
Ingrebourne Medical Centre - May 2017
Mawney Medical Centre - December 2017
Dr Gupta, Mawney Road Surgery - November 2016
Maylands Healthcare - October 2016 (1st visit)
Maylands Healthcare - March 2020
Modern Medical Centre - March 2017
New Medical Centre - July 2017
Dr Chowdhury, Oak Road Surgery - July 2017
Robins Surgery (Harold Hill Medical Centre) - May 2018
Rosewood Medical Centre - March 2016 (1st visit)
Rosewood Medical Centre - February 2020 (2nd visit)
Spring Farm Surgery - December 2017
Straight Road Doctors Surgery - November 2016
Suttons Avenue Surgery - December 2016

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