Two women in a courtyard with their arms round each other
October 2021

World menopause month

Community events
Friday 1st October, 2021 - 0:00 to Sunday 31st October, 2021 - 0:00

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World Menopause Month

During World Menopause Month, they want you to talk about it openly. It’s a normal, natural part of the aging process, yet many women are still worried about going through menopause.

Sure, there are some less desirable symptoms that accompany changing hormones — like hot flashes — but there are also things to celebrate, such as no more periods, PMS, or worrying about unwanted pregnancies.

Add to that the increased self-confidence, self-awareness, and greater freedom that menopause often brings, and October can become a time of amazing personal growth and excitement. Embrace it, don’t try to erase it!

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