5 Healthy Ways to Lose Body Fat

Whether you want to get in shape, build muscle and get stronger, or simply look better in your favorite jeans, stubborn body fat can feel like an obstacle to achieving your fitness goals.
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Reducing your body fat is well worth the effort. Losing body fat can help you lower your risk of various medical conditions, sleep better each night, and put a whole new spring in your step. These basic guidelines from Healthwatch Havering will help you lose those last few pounds of body fat for good!


Address Sleep Issues

Did you know sleep deprivation can contribute to weight gain? The less sleep you get, the more inclined you are to consume extra calories and move less. People with higher BMIs have also been shown to suffer from sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and acid reflux, which can be managed through weight loss. But still, comfort is crucial when it comes to sleep.

Another cause of poor sleep can be an uncomfortable or older mattress. Coupled with a sleep disorder, this is a recipe for a vicious cycle. In addition to losing weight, it's ideal to replace your mattress with one suited for your body type and sleep style, especially if you're a heavier person. Although there tend to be fewer options for heavier individuals, there are plenty of quality mattresses designed for larger builds.

Another way to get more sleep is to lower tension triggers in your home. Simply decluttering and organizing your space can remove stress and promote calm. Whichever way you choose to improve your sleep quality, remember that better sleep helps pave the way for a healthier weight.


Pick Up Weights

If you’ve never lifted weights before, starting out can seem intimidating, but strength training is one of the best ways to lose body fat and tone up. You may want to schedule a session with a personal trainer to get started.

Not ready to join a gym and get in the weight room? You might prefer body-weight exercises or working with resistance bands, which you can pick up at a sporting goods store. No matter what your workouts look like, one thing is for sure: Strength training will have you sleeping soundly at night!


Cardio Sessions

Mix up your lifting sessions with some fun cardio workouts! When it comes to cardio, you have endless choices. Maybe you want to get outside and run, or you’d prefer to swim laps. You could also join a local recreational sports league or take Zumba classes at a neighborhood studio.


Caffeine Boost

If you can’t get through the morning without a mug of coffee, you’re actually in luck because caffeine can help stimulate the fat-burning process. Just lay off the sugar and cream and make sure that you stop drinking caffeine well before bedtime.

Not a huge fan of caffeinated beverages? Try mixing a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water each morning. The taste is strong, but it aids digestion and helps curb your appetite.


Increase Protein and Fibre

To help lose body fat you want to boost your protein intake and swap refined, sugary carbs for high-fibre foods. Protein will fuel you with the energy you need to get through your workouts, and eating more fiber will help you feel fuller while cutting down on calories.

To bulk up with protein, build your meals around tuna, chicken, and eggs. You can stock your pantry with fiber-rich foods like beans, lentils, chia seeds, and wheat bran. As you center your diet around healthy choices, you’ll notice all kinds of positive changes, and you may even find that you have more energy.

In addition to adding protein, you can spur your efforts with the right supplements. Look to quality nutritional products that offer any missing nutrients and that can help boost your metabolism.

Although some fitness gurus may try to market speedy weight-loss solutions, burning body fat won’t happen overnight. If you want to see real results, you’ll need to focus on eating nutritious meals and regular exercise. By sticking with a healthy routine and getting quality sleep, you lay the foundation for long-term weight loss.


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